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Diamond in the Rough

By Brian P. J. Cronin Your first impression of Frankenstein’s Castle is that it’s been there forever. The walls seem impossibly thick and impenetrable, the wrought iron portcullis strong enough to withstand the blows of a thousand angry mobs, the stone towers soaring to the full moon and beyond… “Yeah it’s all foam,” says Bill Diamond, […]


Simple Farm Fun for Little Cost—Hahn Farm’s Fall Festival

By Dave Aderson As a young child living in the Hudson Valley, visiting a farm to pick a pumpkin for Halloween was always a real treat. For those of you who enjoy this seasonal ritual, you are in luck: Hahn Farm’s Fall Festival is well under way. For nearly 25 years, Hahn Farm, located on 1697 […]


For the Love of Animals

By Serena Kenna Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary (HVARS) in Poughkeepsie, New York, is a legal nonprofit spay/neuter clinic that opened in May of 2011. Its mission is to control the over population of dogs and cats in the Hudson Valley, provide affordable veterinary services, supply a haven for abandoned and unwanted animals and […]


In Praise of Pumpkin

By Jennifer Brizzi Rich, creamy pumpkin is one of the joys of the harvest table. As pretty on the countertop as it is versatile in the kitchen, its nutritious orange flesh is high in antioxidants, minerals and fiber. Although we use 99 percent of them as autumn decorations, that variety has been bred for sturdiness and looks rather […]


The Farmers’ Voice

By Serena Kenna In my second installment of The Farmers’ Voice, I had the privilege of chatting with Sten Wilson. Sten and his wife, Caraleigh, are shepherds who own and operate Point of View Farm in Bangall, New York. With the annual Sheep and Wool Festival coming up on October 18 and 19 in Rhinebeck […]


Skin Deep

By Holly J. Coley Here’s a radical idea: instead of creating the illusion of youthful and healthy skin, consider creating the real McCoy. Yes, it is possible, and it doesn’t require needles or chemical peels. All it takes is a visit to Cold Spring Apothecary, a place where beauty and health go hand in hand. Stacey […]


History in the Winemaking

By Michael Durante Jr. A large wooden wine barrel greets visitors at Brotherhood Winery. It would be able to hold about 1,000 gallons of wine if it were not buckling under decades of outdoor exposure. For those unacquainted with the mass equivalents of extreme liquid volume measurements, that much wine would weigh as much as […]


Local Artist Rediscovers Her Roots

By Karen Fredrickson Kiriaki (Kiki), a local singer-songwriter, is thrilled to be launching her new album, Me & a Steinway after a long journey of self-discovery. I met with Kiki in her Poughkeepsie home, where she talked about her experiences with the music business, her influences and her change in musical direction. Kiki began writing music […]


Guilt Is Our Enemy

By Laurie Szostak Guilt always hurries toward its complement, punishment: only there does its satisfaction lie. —Lawrence Durrell The dreaded G word: Guilt. How many of us have done something wrong or behaved in a way that was unacceptable? I’ve developed several types of guilt through the years, each carrying a certain weight, some heavier and […]


Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill

By Serena Kenna This issue’s review is of Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill at 91 Main St., Cold Spring, New York. Open seven days a week and nestled in the heart of the quaint, historic village of Cold Spring sits Cathryn’s, with its small, romantic courtyard and spectacular food and service. Cathryn Fadde has managed to create an […]

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Green Halloween

By Kerry Lee Zeff As a kid, I adored Halloween. Who didn’t?! However, as a parent, Halloween packs an entirely different punch. As a healthy-eating, eco-conscious parent of a child with food allergies, Halloween has become a logistical minefield. I see the video game in my mind: First, you have to dodge the pink “made […]


The Science and Art of Chiropractic

By Dr. Howard Brow Healing naturally is both a science and an art. Chiropractic is a method of holistic care that recognizes the merger of philosophy and research. Through treatments called adjustments, or spinal manipulation, chiropractic care can correct interference with the body’s ability to heal itself. Art. For the art of chiropractic healing, consider the […]


What You Should Be Doing Now

By Jay Levine So it’s autumn, and if you planned your garden carefully you have harvesting still to come. However, even with three- or four-season planning, most of your plants are probably slowing down and certain crops will have passed entirely. What can we do now? One very important task is to remove all of the […]


Sparking the Next Generation of Filmmakers

By Nicole Fenichel-Hewitt Children’s Media Project announces major changes in their twentieth year. The Children’s Media Project (CMP), a nonprofit media education and training organization, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a number of exciting programs, events and announcements. In September, CMP hosted the Reel Expressions Film Festival, showcasing local and national youth-produced video work. […]


The Fun of Apple Picking

By Karen Fredrickson When autumn comes around, there is nothing that beats that first taste of a fresh, crisp apple from a local orchard. The Hudson Valley is known for its apple orchards and all the activities they offer, from “pick your own” opportunities to baking pies for family and friends. At this glorious time of […]


The Mindful Clotheshorse—Be Fashionably Green

By Andrea Pyros For those of us trying to make thoughtful purchasing choices in all areas of our lives, we may have gotten a handle on the grocery-store aisle, but fashion can be tricky to figure out. How do you make smart, eco-conscious calls about fabrics, production processes, labor issues and other important details without […]


Some Choices Are Crystal Clear

By Serena Kenna As a very young bride in the early eighties—and a first-generation American—there is no question that I had been quite sheltered from many of the harsh realities of society. My parents’ main concern was the survival of their three children, and for my father’s mother and sister, who lived with us from […]


Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses

By Clifford Hart As the weather chills and the Hudson Valley takes on the golden autumnal hues it is famous for, thoughts inevitably begin to turn to Halloween. To be sure, the Valley is rich with haunted history, owing its reputation in part to Washington Irving and his famously-freaked-out school teacher, Ichabod Crane. As the […]


Thyme in the Country

By Karen Fredrickson Approaching Thyme in the Country, a bed and breakfast run by Mary Koch and her husband, Bill, is like driving onto an old-fashioned farm. For travelers looking for a country escape, the establishment offers all the amenities expected, but in such a way that avoids excessive waste. Mary and Bill opened Thyme in […]