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Historic Rhinecliff

A Piece of Historic Rhinecliff

By Kristie Alexa Perched atop a cliff overlooking the Hudson River and the Rhinecliff train station sits the Rhinecliff Hotel. It’s long and storied history begins in the Historic Hamlet of Rhinecliff in 1854. Local architect George Veitch has been credited for building it and it served as a way station on the Hudson Railway […]

true blue

True Blue

By Jennifer Brizzi The wonders of the basic blueberry believe its small and modest form. Powerful nutrition and a unique tutti-frutti flavor hide in the unassuming little orb, which costs less than other berries and is in abundance now at farm stands, farm markets and U-Picks. Blueberries bring out the kid in you with their […]

seafood lovers

Valley Seafood Lovers

By Jennifer Brizzi What’s a fish-loving locavore to do? You want to keep down your carbon footprint, be good to the oceans and the rest of the planet, and feed your family some lean, healthy, humanely raised or caught protein that’s as fresh and succulent as possible. Save moving to the seacoast, what can you […]

not just maple syrup

Not Just Maple Syrup

By Clifford Hart A “Farm” in the traditionsal  sense of the word connotes a managed, cultivated landscape, where quadrupeds might roam or vegetables are grown—not the most favorable terrain for a nice walk.But at Madava Farms in southeastern Dutchess County, the farming is done entirely in the woods. Indeed, Madava is home to the […]

Modernizing our clothes

Modernizing Your Clothes

By Holly J. Coley Defining your style can feel daunting, especially when the fashion pool can feel so vast. Boho chic, preppy or Hollywood glam: like clothing, these labels don’t always fit. But personalizing your look doesn’t require you to ditch what’s already in your closet. In fact, a new look can be created out […]


Recycling at its Best

By Karen Fredrickson Erich McEnroe discussed the turkeys raised on McEnroe Organic Farm in the fall, and now he has expanded on the topic to talk about the importance of composting to an organic farm. In addition to turkeys, McEnroe Organic Farm raises beef, pork, lamb and chickens. They also grow vegetables in 17 greenhouses […]

I cant live on that

I Can’t Live on That! Living Wage in the Hudson Valley

By Kymberly Breckenridge I am right in the middle of Book Three in the Game of Thrones series, so forgive me if my mind is on the universe in which it was created. I wonder what it would be like to grow up in Westeros or live in Iron Throne Castle. For those unfortunates who […]


The Farmers’ Voice

By Serena Kenna W  OHV’  of the Farmers’ Voice. Farmers are now—and have always been—a critical component of American society. Each commentary will bring to bear an issue close to their hearts, or a battle they fight, in order to bring you the very best locally grown products that are so important to […]

not feeling good

Still Not Feeling Good?

By Mark Goldhirsch It all started at the age of thirteen, when one day after a tasty snack, I turned to my mom and said, “My tummy hurts, something doesn’t feel right.” The following years consisted of nausea, stomach aches, sharp pains and constant pain. I lost a lot of weight; stuck to a diet […]

themes of nature

Themes of Nature

By Karen Fredrickson Gabrielle Vallarino makes jewelry using natural stone designs that are very tactile and materials that come directly from nature. Her love of creating jewelry came out of a background in painting and working with estate jewelry. Each necklace is an individually designed piece that is part of a limited edition collection. “My […]

going native

Going Native

By Jay Levine Gardeners garden for many reasons: beauty, exercise, food and shade, among others. One reason not usually considered but that has gained momentum is gardening for wildlife, especially for pollinators. A pollinator is any animal that carries pollen from one flower to another, and pollination is the crucial step in plants’ reproduction. The […]

A room of ones own

A Room of One’s Own

By Kerry Lee Zeff What makes a kid’s room their own and what is their tiny passion? Whatever that may be, keep it simple and make it accessible. Instead of piles of toys loaded into cubbies, try opting for one larger piece that may invite longer-term interest and invoke imagination. My older daughter has exactly […]


A Lesson in Teaching Love and Compassion

By Elisabeth Wild When I was younger I was often chided for being too emotional or difficult. I had opinions about everything and wore my little child heart on my sleeve. My parents still regale my husband, and anyone who will listen, with stories about how I was a “highly volatile child.” Since I was […]

going local

ReThinking the Local Economy

By Doreen Johnson “Buy local…sustainable…socially conscious…” These are just some of the buzz words we hear as we travel the path to a new economy. It’s the Localism movement, which urges a rethinking of how our local economy works, and collaborating in inventive ways to create healthy and sustainable communities. We all have the chance […]

garden edu

Bringing Garden Education to the Hudson Valley

By Dave Aderson Garrison resident Ava Bynum sees nothing wrong with children getting their hands a little dirty. In fact, she encourages it. Bynum—a former pre-K teacher at the now closed Garden Road School in Peekskill, is the founder of Hudson Valley Seed, a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing year-round gardens in school districts throughout […]

cary institute

A Visit to the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

By Dave Aderson and Featuring Dr. Rick Ostfeld Since his college years, Dr. Rick Ostfeld, disease ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, has been intrigued by the inner workings of the natural world. Ostfeld, a Ph.D. graduate in zoology from the University of California, Berkeley, is one the country’s leading experts […]


When Tasty Met Healthy: The Laid-Back Empire of Organic Nectars

By Jay Blotcher In a world where food allergens and dietary restrictions are currently hardwired into the American way of eating, finding a main dish that is both nutritious and danger-free has become a lot easier. Numerous mainstream food companies have emblazoned their products with labels that read “fat free,” “sugar free” and a litany […]


Turning Loss into Something Good

By Serena Kenna Statistically speaking, there are roughly two million miscarriages, twenty-five thousand stillborn children, and another twenty-five thousand infant deaths (within thirty days of birth), in the United States alone. That’s well over two million lives lost or cut short, and at least double that number of parents grieving their loss. The numbers are […]


Teaching Our Children Spirituality

By Laurie Szostak How do we teach our kids about spirituality? First, we have to believe in some sort of power greater than ourselves. If we as parents don’t believe, how can we teach our children to believe? Not believing is okay for us as adults, but what about our children? Shouldn’t they at least […]