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A License to Brew

By Michael Durante Jr. Evidence abounds of the Hudson Valley’s food resurgence, but amidst the tide of local produce, meats, breads and cheeses, true Hudson Valley beer is still in development. Try not to blame the brewers. Beer production does not begin in the brewer’s kettle. To discover the way toward Hudson Valley beer, understand… [Continue Reading]


Merry Pop-Ins

By Bretagné Savage Like attracts like, is a principle that people can use in every aspect of their lives: in choosing who to date, deciding on a career, making friends and raising children. The idea is karmic, purporting that what you emit to the world—the energy or personality that shines in you—is what will come back to you. One Pine Plains woman, who is… [Continue Reading]


The Treehouse

By Dave Aderson It was March when The Treehouse in New Paltz found itself with bigger shoes to fill—and rightfully so. Over the past two years, lifelong New Paltz resident and artist Kathy Preston’s craft gallery has increasingly made a name for itself by showcasing some of the Hudson Valley’s premier artistic talents. Located upstairs, on… [Continue Reading]


Natural Forces Point of View

By Karen Fredrickson The latest project for Rick Alfandre, the owner of Alfandre Architecture and a proponent of construction using green technology, is a new green office building located in New Paltz. It is slated to be 5,400 square feet and will be the new home for Alfandre Architecture, as well as other offices that… [Continue Reading]


New Mommy Must-Haves

By Nacia K. Walsh Pre-natal birthing classes, pregnancy books, a bevy of opinions being thrust your way from your great aunt Ida—your pregnancy is only the beginning of a constant barrage of information you will encounter. Unfortunately, more answers can lead to more ques- tions, especially once your baby arrives. It can be paralyzing to… [Continue Reading]


First Step Toward Equal Pay for Equal Work

By Mary Pleshette Willis I was twenty-two when I was hired to be a secretary in the business section of Newsweek magazine. The year was 1968. Richard Nixon was president, the Vietnam War was raging, abortion was illegal and the women’s movement was picking up speed. I knew I wanted to write when I graduated… [Continue Reading]


Preparing for Abundance

By Heather Dell’Amore Hudson Valley experts and entrepreneurs offer a new perspective on spring and that period just before her dawn. Living in the Hudson Valley offers a unique experience with springtime abundance. We see it in color and shape, in the foods we have available, in the return of seasonal work, and in traffic that… [Continue Reading]


Stewardship of the Land

By Josie Bahr Stewardship—the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care, i.e., natural resources—is our responsibility as humans who live on and enjoy the fruits of the land? But stewardship of the land is only possible if one knows the land. No matter if you own a large or small plot of land—or if you own no land and enjoy the local public lands—stewardship of… [Continue Reading]


Do Fashion and Sustainability Make Strange Bedfellows?

By Elisabeth Wild Everyone knows fashion changes dramatically from season to season, but a new generation of designers is paving the way for another type of change: a more responsible approach to fashion and perhaps a return to quality and craftsmanship. Although this movement is slow-going, it has all the earmarks for success, as long as… [Continue Reading]


Great Finds: Kitchen

By Vivian Mandala A kitchen renovation can be the most costly and confusing of all the renovations in a home. When redesigning a kitchen, there are several different aspects to consider. Functionality is key. Consider where to place your stove, refrigerator, sink, windows, island and cabinets to ensure plenty of space to cook, eat, clean, store and… [Continue Reading]


The Many Benefits of Backyard Chickens

By Chad Davey Most chicken-owners have the same reason for starting up their flocks: eggs. By getting eggs from your own chickens, you avoid supporting industrial farms that produce the majority of eggs sold in the U.S. Egg-producing hens on factory farms are often kept in such close, inhumane quarters that they cannot stretch their legs… [Continue Reading]


Getting Your Garden Started

By Jay Levine Our long winter is finally over, so it’s time to get your vegetable garden in shape for the season. Hopefully, you’ve already got some veggies growing, but if you don’t, there’s still plenty you can be doing. At the moment, I have leeks, kale, broccoli, peas, cabbage, lettuce, arugula, spinach, onions, carrots and beets up… [Continue Reading]


Fabric Creations

By Bretagné Savage It’s spring and you’re out for a walk. A dandelion puff catches your eye and instinctually you bend to pick it, think of a wish… but before you blow, the sunlight catches it, and a tiny white globe of fluffy spikes reminds you how beautiful and simple life really is. Poof! And it’s… [Continue Reading]


The World Through Iris’ Eyes

By Karen Fredrickson Iris York started taking photographs of nature when she traveled, showing them off to her friends and family. She didn’t begin with any intentions of doing it professionally, but just enjoyed the pursuit for what it was, a fun hobby. It was only later, with the encouragement of those friends and family members,… [Continue Reading]


Letter from the Founders

By Vivian and Laurie We’ve been looking forward to this issue since we first put the editorial calendar together. The local breweries epitomize a great deal of what is special about the Hudson Valley, from the large organized festivals, like TAP New York, to the smallest breweries, like The Beer Diviner, working together and sharing… [Continue Reading]


Winnakee Land Trust

By Jen MacKay Winnakee Land Trust is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Founded in 1989 and accredited in 2011 by the national Land Trust Accreditation Commission, Winnakee has permanently protected thousands of acres of farmland and natural habitats in northern Dutchess County, and offers many parks and trails, as well. 2014 will be a year filled… [Continue Reading]


Great Song Farm

By Anthony Mecca and Sarah Hearn Community and relationships are the foundation of Great Song Farm in Red Hook. We strive to foster a healthy and vibrant community by offering opportunities for people to get to know a bit more of what happens “behind the scenes” on a small, diverse farm. How can we balance… [Continue Reading]



By Laurie & Vivian What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? Read more here


Parenting with Connection

By Rebecca Wong Parenting with connection. It’s multifaceted and layered. It’s about the connections we have with ourselves, our elders, our spouses, friends and, of course, the connections we foster with our children. Connection is at the root of all human interactions. In the best scenarios, our connections have the power to make us feel strong and grounded. On… [Continue Reading]


Brews in the Kitchen

By Jennifer Brizzi Move over, wine. Beer has been around longer, appearing about 2,000 years prior. The oldest known recipe was for how to brew it. Historians claim that the love of beer has repeatedly affected the course of history, including turning us from hunter-gatherers into an agrarian society who needed to settle down and cultivate grains… [Continue Reading]


Culinary Kids

By Kerry Lee Zeff Ah, the kitchen. The place of never-ending mess. At least, if you have kids. Perhaps, once, your kitchen was a place of soirees and nightcaps. Now, with kids, the kitchen is constantly churning out countless meals, dishes and the inevitable waste. Unfortunately, once a little one is in the picture, there… [Continue Reading]


Earth Day Every Day

By Elaine Ewing When I was a kid, Earth Day was one of my first encounters with environmentalism. I remember walking around an Earth Day fair at school when I was very young, and feeling so compelled to do my part. “Save the planet,” “Reduce, reuse, and recycle,” and “Listen to your Mother” were phrases from back then that I still hear in… [Continue Reading]