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Garden to Do

Keep Planning

By Jay Levine In this issue’s Garden to Do, we will reflect on part two of planning our vegetable garden. What we should be thinking about is what kind of garden design or layout we want. Maybe it’s in the ground, or maybe it’s a raised bed. What about the fencing and the watering system? […]

Potato Kale Soup

Fast Food and a Healthy Concept

By Russell Baldwin, Rusty’s Farm Fresh Eatery Growing up in my parents’ restaurant, I was taught many things about the restaurant industry. My father, Joe, a 1974 CIA graduate and current organic farmer, taught me the importance of locally raised, fresh ingredients and how to use them. My mom, Mary, instilled in me the importance […]

Organic Hudson Valley Thayer Hotel

A Stay of Distinction

By Karen Fredrickson History does not contradict positive, sustainable, and organic environmental practices. The historic Thayer Hotel at West Point is a testament to that, encompassing sustainable practices without losing any of the historic appeal of such a notable establishment. “We are proud of the practices that we use to be friendly to the beautiful […]

Organic Hudson Valley John Patrick

Up Close and Personal with John Patrick

By Holly J. Coley Earlier in the year I had the privilege of speaking with fashion designer John Patrick, whose signature fashion label is Organic. Just like Organic Hudson Valley, John believes in sustainability and fair trade. The farmers say, “Know where your food comes from”; John Patrick says, “Know where your clothes come from.” […]

Organic Hudson Valley Wallkill Trail

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

By Clifford Hart My first experience with the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail came as somewhat of a surprise as I was in search of a good fishing spot along the Wallkill River, thinking my son and I might throw a lazy line in and hope for the best. Lo and behold, while I scoured a […]

Organic Hudson Valley Birding Warbler

Birding and Family Fun

By Carena Pooth, Adult Chair, New York State Young Birders Club The Northern Cardinal who’s been quiet all winter, now announces, “What cheer! What cheer! What cheer!” Spring is finally here to lift our spirits after a long, cold winter, and there’s no better time to enjoy the wonderful variety of birds in the Hudson […]

Organic Hudson Valley Author profile

The Secret History of Kindness: Learning from How Dogs Learn

Years back, Catskill-based nonfiction essayist Melissa Holbrook Pierson brought home a border collie named Mercy, without a clue about how to get her to behave. Amazed by a trainer whose immediate rapport with Mercy seemed magical, Pierson began delving into the techniques of positive reinforcement. She made her way to B. F. Skinner, the man […]

Organic Hudson Valley Pet Alternative Medicine

Chinese Medicine Improving the Quality of our Pet’s Life

By Dr. Lindsey Wedemeyer Pets are enjoying longer lives today than ever before. While it’s great that we get to spend more time with our much-loved pets, unfortunately this also means that conditions associated with old age, such as arthritis and cancer, are increasingly common. Maintaining quality of life is essential for everyone, and our […]