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Time for Something Good

By Holly Tarson Every moment our world becomes increasingly connected by technology. From texts to Twitter, we blog and surf, sharing information and selfies. Sometimes this tsunami of exposure can numb us to the very real experience of living. Online communities replace in-person connections. But in the right hands, technology can be the perfect tool […]

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The Great Milk Debate

By Kymberly Breckenridge As a young girl, I used to earn candy money working at my friend’s dairy barn. We’d get to the bus, head to the barn and spend a couple of hours feeding, milking and mucking. Aferwards we would head back to his place, where his mom would lay out a gigantic spread […]

Organic Hudson Valley_Meaty Mugs

Meaty Mugs

By Dave Aderson Ever wonder what your dogs’ treats are really made of? Hyde Park resident Regina Jacobson makes her treats by hand and uses all-natural ingredients. Take a stroll down the pet food aisle at your local grocery store and scan the shelves for a small, brown paper package marked Meaty Mugs. If you […]

Nathan Snow (left)
Kris Karl (right)

Farm Fresh

By Brian P.J. Cronin There’s an old chef’s trick for dicing an onion without releasing the invisible, burning clouds of sulfur that can sting the eyes, inflame the nose and drive a less-hardy home cook to order pizza that night instead. Nathan Snow, chef and co-owner of New Paltz’s The Huguenot at Karl Family Farms, […]


Preparing for Abundance

By Heather Dell’Amore Hudson Valley experts and entrepreneurs offer a new perspective on spring and that period just before her dawn. Living in the Hudson Valley offers a unique experience with springtime abundance. We see it in color and shape, in the foods we have available, in the return of seasonal work, and in traffic that […]


Brews in the Kitchen

By Jennifer Brizzi Move over, wine. Beer has been around longer, appearing about 2,000 years prior. The oldest known recipe was for how to brew it. Historians claim that the love of beer has repeatedly affected the course of history, including turning us from hunter-gatherers into an agrarian society who needed to settle down and cultivate grains […]


The Treehouse

By Dave Aderson It was March when The Treehouse in New Paltz found itself with bigger shoes to fill—and rightfully so. Over the past two years, lifelong New Paltz resident and artist Kathy Preston’s craft gallery has increasingly made a name for itself by showcasing some of the Hudson Valley’s premier artistic talents. Located upstairs, on […]


Stewardship of the Land

By Josie Bahr Stewardship—the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care, i.e., natural resources—is our responsibility as humans who live on and enjoy the fruits of the land? But stewardship of the land is only possible if one knows the land. No matter if you own a large or small plot of land—or if you own no land and enjoy the local public lands—stewardship of […]